Our mission is to provide services that will strengthen the well-being of families.

We don’t make connections, we build them. We are not a referral agency.
We provide parenting and other family supports to help families thrive.

How We Deliver on our Mission
To foster change and impact in our families, they need a champion for their wellbeing.

Our goal is to provide programs that build knowledge and skills, and align with the 1:1 support they receive from us. What makes our focus unique is our small group size and ability to attract and build a community of neighbors and peers with shared experience. This, in turn, builds positive community relationships. Where a community can grow and learn together, we strengthen individual and family capacity to thrive.

Who We Serve
icon_serve_calgary_community_help_north_east copyWe provide FREE programs and services for families in the North East Communities of: Castleridge, City Scape, Coral Springs, Falconridge, Martindale, Monterey Park, Pineridge, Red Stone, Rundle, Saddle Ridge, Savannah, Skyview Ranch, Taradale, Temple and Whitehorn.
What We Believe
icon_believe_calgary_community_help_north_eastWe believe in transferring the accountability and responsibility back into the family unit, combining community-based supports with contracted support services to help families flourish.

We believe each family needs different physical, mental, emotional and economic levels of support. We know our diverse cultural richness means providing services as unique as the needs of our communities.

We believe that to develop resilience in our community (our shared goal to bounce back from challenges and adversity), we must:

  • Be embedded in the areas where our families live, work and gather
  • Foster change and influence by working with community leaders
  • Be agile, perceptive and responsive to the changing needs of a complex community
Developing Strong Family Voices
icon_voices_calgary_community_help_north_east copyOur family-focused support is hinged on our comprehensive intake process, which aims to capture all facets of the family dynamic. Through one-on-one time, our families have the opportunity to uncover themes, patterns and behaviours that hinder and help to create a strong family dynamic. Family support workers work with our families to build supports to address immediate and long-term challenges impacting the family unit. We want to do more than address family challenges as they arise, we want to build a family’s capacity to proactively identify challenges.